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LAURYN v.o.s.

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Czech republic

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LAURYN v.o.s.

Team members

Company principles

LAURYN v.o.s. was established in 1991.

Between 1991 and 1996, we provided comprehensive services (software, hardware, user support). At that time, we created programs for various fields (e.g. software for spas, old people’s homes, outpatient clinics, restaurants, economic and storage systems, etc.)

In 1997, we decided to specialise in designing software for spas and rehabilitation facilities only. We abandoned MS DOS and file systems in favour of a Windows operating system and client-server architecture.

From 1997 to 1998, we developed a comprehensive information system for spas and rehabilitation facilities - L-BIS. Its first stage was completed in autumn 1998 when we presented this system at the International Fair of Medical Technology and Pharmacy MEFA in Brno. Since that time the whole system has been continuously developed.

In 1999, we launched the R-PLAN system - software for planning medical care in rehabilitation facilities. That same year, the L-BIS system was launched on the market in Slovakia.

L-BIS is currently the most widely installed system for spas and rehabilitation facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Here is an updated list of L-BIS and R-PLAN users (References L-BIS; References R-PLAN)

Team members

The LAURYN v.o.s. work team consists of 13 specialists in the following structure:

  • IS and software development: 5 specialists
  • Consultants (Implementation and Support): 6 specialists
  • Administration: 2 specialists

Company principles

  • We highly respect customers’ confidence in us and their interests are also our interests.
  • We look at our competition to find sources of new inspiration and impulses.
  • Every idea is a good idea but we bring only the best ones to life.
  • We aim to do our best to respond to our customers’ wishes.
  • We approach every task with hard work and a high level of commitment.
  • Democratic values guarantee free enterprise and continuation of the work we have started.


We will never behave towards our customers in this unacceptable and inadmissible way:

  • Act against values that we respect in our company
  • Harm customers through a careless and negligent attitude
  • Withhold or misrepresent information that the involved parties are entitled to have.