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Who is IS L-BIS for?

IS L-BIS Structure

IS L-BIS Characteristics

IS L-BIS Localisation

Main benefits of IS L-BIS

Who is IS L-BIS for?

The L-BIS information system (hereinafter referred to only as  IS L-BIS) has been designed to create comprehensive software solutions for these facilities:

  • Therapeutic spas
  • Spa & Wellness Facilities
  • Spa & Wellness Hotels
  • Rehabilitation facilities, Clinics and Centeres
  • Health Care Facilities and Nursing Houses

IS L-BIS Structure

There are 6 subsystems of IS L-BIS:

  • Accommodation Agenda – client reservation and accommodation, billing (all types of clients - individual clients, travel agencies, health insurance companies, company clients, etc) and reception services.
  • Healthcare Agenda – medical, nursing and laboratory paperwork, registration and medical record documentation.
  • Rehabilitation Agenda – planning and selling therapeutic procedures and wellness services to clients.
  • Catering and Storage Agenda – storage, restaurant, canteen paperwork and standardisation of diets.
  • Management Information System – a complex instrument for on-line monitoring and checking effectiveness, efficiency and adhering to defined elements. Complete support for management and marketing decisions.
  • IS L-BIS Integration – possibility to integrate IS L-BIS into systems and facilities of third parties. Integrated software solutions for economic information system, card systems, entry control systems (e.g. turnstiles), cash registers and telephone exchanges.

The above-mentioned subsystems are further divided into individual operation modules offering solutions for specific purposes. A description of individual modules is specified below.

IS L-BIS Characteristics

  • Complexity – IS L-BIS is a comprehensive suite of software solutions for all processes within a facility.
  • Modularity – IS L-BIS subsystems are created by individual modules. The modularity of the IS L-BIS structure allows for creation of solutions to suit the specific requirements for organisation of a specific user’s operations. Modularity enables gradual or partial implementation of IS L-BIS if required.
  • Scalability – All IS L-BIS modules are fully scalable according to user specifics and according to their organisation of work. 
  • Integration– all IS L-BIS modules mutually cooperate and share the necessary data for effective information and data flow within the facility.
  • Being up-to-date  – IS L-BIS uses only the latest methods, procedures and technologies for development, implementation and administration of information systems.
  • Expertise – more than 15 years of continuous development of IS L-BIS have allowed us to incorporate the experiences and requirements of more than fifty users. Consultants from LAURYN v.o.s. and their authorised partners have extensive expert knowledge resulting from creation of software solutions in IS L-BIS.

IS L-BIS Localisation

IS LBIS language localisation:

  • Czech
  • Russian
  • English

IS L-BIS is prepared for localisation into other languages.

Main benefits of L-BIS

  • Functional – overall clear arrangement of all activities and process within IS L-BIS.
  • Economical - IS L-BIS is a very effective instrument for management and control - more effective use of resources.
  • Marketing – IS L-BIS is an effective support instrument for marketing and business activities.
  • Effective - IS L-BIS ensures a full overview of facility performance.