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Subsystems and modules

IS R-PLAN Structure

IS R-PLAN consists of 4 subsystems:

  • Healthcare Agenda – keeping medical and nursing agenda, registration and creating medical records.
  • Rehabilitation Agenda – keeping the agenda connected with therapeutic procedures and other client services.
  • Health Insurance Company Agenda – a comprehensive solution for billing Health Insurance Companies for rendered services (invoicing, data batches, statistics, etc.).
  • IS R-PLAN Integrationpossible integration of IS R-PLAN with systems or facilities of third parties, integration with Economic Information Systems, card systems, entry control systems (e.g. turnstiles), hospital systems.


Healthcare Agenda 

Basic characteristics of the Healthcare Agenda

The Healthcare Agenda subsystem is a comprehensive solution for keeping Medical, Nursing and Laboratory records fully integrated with the Insurance Company Agenda and Rehabilitation Agenda subsystems.

Healthcare agenda modules

These modules are available within the Healthcare Agenda subsystem:

1) Doctor and nurse:

- Registration of clients.

A comprehensive solution for keeping medical documentation:

  • User-definable templates for initial and final medical examinations.
  • Keeping records of diagnoses and diets.
  • Laboratory examination – suggested laboratory examination integrated with the Laboratory module including records of results.
  • Procedures – suggested procedures covered by insurance or wellness procedures integrated with the Procedure Scheduling module. Full control over set limits (price, amount, average, etc) when the procedure is being prescribed.Keeping records of Medical Reports.
  • Keeping records of external medical documentation.

- Printing medical reports in selected languages (in the Roman alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet).

- Wellness medical treatment – suggested medical treatment, treatment records, integrated to client’s bill (Accommodation Agenda).

- Making client appointments for initial, periodical and final medical examinations.

- Creating and keeping medical records for Health Insurance Companies.

2) Physical therapist:

This module enables keeping of medical records and documentation of the physical therapist.

3) Reporting:

- It is possible to generate a number of reports within Healthcare agenda modules.

You can generate reports in standard print format or electronic format.


Rehabilitation Agenda 

Basic characteristics of the Rehabilitation Agenda

The Rehabilitation Agenda is a comprehensive solution for planning and selling procedures to clients, it is fully integrated with the Health Insurance Company Agenda and Healthcare Agenda.

Rehabilitation Agenda modules

These modules are available within the Rehabilitation Agenda subsystem:

1) Treatment plan:

Client registration – integration with Healthcare Agenda and Health Insurance Company Agenda subsystems.

- Care (therapy) planning:

  • Allows for scheduling of treatment that was suggested in the Doctor module.
  • It is possible to plan treatment automatically, semi-automatically or manually.
  • As you plan the treatment, these limiting conditions are being monitored: number of procedures, forbidden combinations of procedures, times of transfers, client’s mobility, sharing therapies, sequence of procedures.
  • The treatment plan generates a time schedule for the client. The treatment plan can be printed in any languages in the Roman alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet.

- Rehabilitation Management:

  • Complete administration and management of treatment, department utilisation, and therapist productivity.

2) Identification:

- Checking if a client is attending medical procedures.

- Using bar-code readers and client card codes.  

3) Wellis:

- Sale of wellness procedures to clients.

- Use of identification cards and turnstiles as entry control systems for swimming pools and balneo departments.

- Sale of wellness procedures in the form of prepayments and gift vouchers.

4) Reporting:

- It is possible to generate a number of reports within the Rehabilitation Agenda subsystem.

- You can generate reports in standard print format or electronic format.


Health Insurance Company Agenda  

Basic characteristics of the Health Insurance Company Agenda

This subsystem provides a solution for billing Health Insurance Companies for rendered medical services; it is integrated with the Doctor and Procedure Scheduling modules.

Modules of Health Insurance Company Agenda

These modules are available within the Health Insurance Company agenda:

1) Health Insurance Company Agenda

- Checking medical services which have been billed

- Uploading medical services from the Doctor module

- Automatic uploading of medical services from the Procedure Scheduling module

- Creating invoices for Health Insurance Companies

- Creating data batches for Health Insurance Companies 

2) Reporting:

- The module enables you to generate reports within the modules of the Health Insurance Company Agenda subsystem.

- Reports can be generated in standard print format or electronic format.


IS R-PLAN Integration 

It is possible to integrate R-PLAN with these systems of third parties:

1) Economic Information Systems – online transfer of accounting documents and information between IS R-PLAN and Economic Information System. IS R-PLAN is integrated with these systems:

  • EIS K2
  • EIS Helios Orange

2) Card and entry systems – integration with card entry control systems to rehabilitation departments; turnstiles, etc.

3) Hospital systems – possible integration with Hospital Information Systems.