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IS L-BIS is implemented according to EN ISO 9001:2000.

Implementation runs in these phases:

  • Analysis of current status – complete analysis of current status for implementation of IS L-BIS.
  • Project implementation – definition of all processes and methods for their resolution within IS L-BIS.
  • Parameterisation of the system - complete setup and parameterisation of IS L-BIS according to individual user’s needs.
  • Training – complete user training in use of IS L-BIS. Training finishes with a practical test on the basis of which we grant a licence for use of IS L-BIS.
  • Preparation for live operation – general preparation of IS L-BIS for live operation: entry of client parameters, setting up start positions and cash registers, checking hardware preparedness and other connected activities.
  • Supervision during the live operation – assistance in person by our consultants provided to the customer’s (user’s) staff in the first days of live operation of IS L-BIS, followed by remote monitoring, diagnostics and visits in person to the user’s facilities.
  • Implementation evaluation – evaluation of implementation results (comparison with the defined start position) and definition of further possibilities for development of the information system. IS L-BIS implementation is completed when all contractually guaranteed operations are performed and all the modules of IS L-BIS work in live operation.